Terms of Business

Terms of Business

About boom

Who are ‘we’?

boom is a trading name of Abacai Technologies Limited who are the intermediary not your insurer and you can find us on the FCA register (www.fca.org.uk/register, number: 953258). Abacai Technologies Limited is an Appointed Representative of Complete Cover Group Limited and you can find them on the Financial Services Register (www.fca.org.uk/register, number: 309611). You can also find us through Companies House as registered in England & Wales, our number: 13147398 and our registered office is: Axiom House The Centre 4th Floor Feltham Middlesex TW13 4AU

What services and products do we provide?

We offer motor insurance for private motor from a single of insurer, Mulsanne Insurance Company Ltd which is part of the Abacai group of companies, because of this connection we have in place procedures to manage any conflicts of interest which may arise. We can offer additional products which may be provided by Mulsanne Insurance Company Ltd or another insurer although we are not required by contract to only sell their products. You will not receive advice or recommendations from us on any products, we will, however, give you enough information on these products to choose whether they meet your needs.

What’s the Services fee?

This fee is included in your price and it covers the cost of unlocking your access to the boom platform, which you’ll use to buy, check, change and renew your insurance. As a boom customer, you’ll have instant access to a range of services, including our self-service website, mobile app and Abi ChatBot, which are constantly updated with new features and improvements. These services are important to ensure you get the most out of your boom insurance.

The Services fee is paid by you directly to Abacai Technologies Limited under a contract that’s separate from your insurance contract with Mulsanne Insurance Company Limited. This gives you access to services that are distinct from your contract of insurance and is priced separately because of this.

The Services fee is retained by Abacai Technologies Limited. Mulsanne Insurance Company Limited has no control or involvement with any aspect relating to the fee.

What are the cancellation fees?

If you change your mind before your policy starts or within the first 14 days from the date your policy starts (the ‘Cooling-off period’), our cancellation charge will be £25. After this period, our cancellation fee is £75.

Insurer Security

As the intermediary, we cannot and do not guarantee an insurers solvency or their ability to continue to trade throughout the duration of your insurance policy, it is for you to decide on the suitability of an insurer and whether you want to proceed. Mulsanne Insurance is defined as an Unrated Insurer. There is no requirement for an insurer to be Rated, any such status doesn’t guarantee an insurer’s ability to fulfil its obligations to its customers should they stop trading.

How are we paid?

We will receive a commission from our insurers, it will be included as part of the premium.

We also charge fees to cover our costs. These will be clearly stated on the documents we provide to you and you should make sure you read this information before you proceed.


Additional Products

How do add-ons work?

These products are available to enhance or supplement the cover provided by your main motor insurance policy. Add-ons are only applicable when your motor insurance policy is in force. Add-on policies are provided by different insurers. We encourage you to read your policy documents carefully, making sure you understand when and how to make a claim, as this may differ from making a claim under your motor insurance policy. For details on what happens when you cancel these products, please refer to the relevant policy wording.


You and your data

Your responsibilities

You must take reasonable care to answer all questions honestly. You must carefully read all documentation that relates to your insurance, highlighting immediately any details that you know to be incorrect. As details change you must inform us immediately to ensure your cover remains suitable for the remainder of your policy or at renewal.

For example, you must tell us if you change job, become unemployed or receive any endorsements on your licence.

For your protection, there is a central database of claims and underwriting information which your insurer and us will submit data to and take data from to verify the facts and to further prevent possible frauds. In the event your details are identified as incorrect or misleading or out of date, then we may choose to cancel your policy without refund and be entitled to refuse all or part of any claims.

How do you use my data?

Abacai Technologies Limited is the data controller, as such we determine the purpose for which and the way any personal data is processed. We are on the public register of data controllers, registration number ZB136023. We will use your data to supply the services you have applied for. We may record/monitor telephone calls for our joint protection and training purposes. For full details on how we can use your data, please refer to our Privacy Notice.

Credit Checking

We use TransUnion to supplement and verify your information, including your credit history and credit score. Further details of how your information is used can be found at https://www.transunion.co.uk/legal/privacy-centre.

Drivers’ Licence details

Where you provide us with your driving licence number (DLN), we’ll also request information about you from the DVLA. This information isn’t accessible by our customer representatives and we won’t be able to change or discuss this information. You can view this data yourself at https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence.

What happens if your details change?

We understand things change, when these changes become known to you or are considered extremely likely you should contact us to discuss the changes as early as possible to ensure we can assist in keeping unexpected costs to a minimum and to avoid your policy being cancelled or a claim not being paid in part of full because you have not advised us of any change. Changes to your policy may mean your premium increases or decreases or we may choose to refuse cover, which would require your policy to be cancelled and subject to cancellation charges.



Where things haven’t gone as you would expect, we invite you to tell us. We are committed to treating customers fairly and ensuring all complaints are investigated thoroughly. In the event you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service you can:

Write to us at:

Complaints Department,
c/o Complete Cover Group
Axiom House,
The Centre 4th Floor,
Feltham, Middlesex,
TW13 4AU

NOTE: Be sure to provide your phone number and reference number in your correspondence.

Call us on: 0800 440 2483

Email us at: complaints@boom.co.uk

If after our response you remain dissatisfied, you may be able to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, for further details go to:

Website: www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk

Email at: complaint.info@financial-ombudsman.org.uk

Call on: 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123


Our website


Information provided through our website is on an “as is” and “as available” basis. We give no warranty that the information will be free of defects and/or faults. To the maximum extent permitted by the law we provide no warranty express or implied a fitness for a particular purpose, the accuracy of information, compatibility and satisfactory quality. We will endeavour to allow uninterrupted access to this website, but access may be suspended, restricted or terminated from time to time. We will not be liable, for any reason, if the website is unavailable for any period. We reserve the right to change, modify, substitute, suspend or remove without notice of any information, service or content on our website. In addition, we cannot guarantee that our site will be free of viruses or defects of any description and we will not be held responsible for any technical problems you may suffer as a result of your usage of our website. Any material and/or data downloaded or obtained through us via our website or any sites linked to our website is at your own discretion and risk. Where, because of downloading material or data, hardware becomes damaged or data is lost, the responsibility is with the individual consenting to the data exchange and not with Abacai Technologies Limited.

Links to other websites

Our website may provide links to other sites, not controlled by Abacai Technologies Limited or our affiliates. Where we do not have control of a site, we assume no responsibility for the content and disclaim liability for all forms of loss or damage arising out of their use. The inclusion of a link to another site does not imply endorsement of any products or services or individuals.


Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

We and your insurers are covered by the FSCS. You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if we cannot meet our obligations. This depends on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim. For further information about compensation scheme arrangements go to: www.fscs.org.uk.

Protecting your money

We hold your premium (payments or refunds) in a trust account as agent of the insurers until it is passed to the insurers or refunded to you. While it is in the account, your money cannot be used for any purpose other than paying the insurers. We will retain any interest earned on the account.

Governing law

The laws of England and Wales govern this agreement and any dispute is subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.